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    Meditation | Zazen

    The Boghossian Foundation organizes mediation sessions in the exhibition ‘Seeing Zen’. Zazen, seated meditation, is at the heart of Zen. This practice consists in two half-hour meditations and is open to beginners, who will be guided by Frank De Waele. Every Monday, at 12.30.

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    Tea Ceremony

    As part of the Seeing Zen exhibition, Thierry Geerinckx introduces the public of the Boghossian Foundation to the ancestral Chado tradition. A unique opportunity to experience Zen in the heart of the exhibition. Sunday 18 December at 11 am.

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    Movies on my own

    Ariane Loze presents the video work she produced during her residency at the Boghossian Foundation. Work inspired by the Villa Empain itself and the current exhibition Decor. Saturday 17 December 2016, from 11 am to 6 pm.

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    Kids | Japanese tales

    It’s the right time to wander on the paths of small Zen tales, with our noses in the wind and smiles on our faces. Today wisdom smells like fresh mushrooms and shines through the round eyes of the owl. Tales for young and old. Sunday 27 november at 3 pm.

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    Brussels Museums Nocturnes

    The Boghossian Foundation takes part in the 16th edition of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes. Thursday 24 Novembre 2016, from 5 to 10 pm.

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    ArtContest 2016

    The Boghossian Foundation supports the young artists and rewards on 23 November 2016 the two first prizes of the contemporary ArtContest 2016. The works of the ten candidates will be shown at ADAM from 24 November 2016 until 9 January 2017.

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    Lecture | Rajkamal Kahlon

    ‘When you’re the Indian in a country of John Waynes’ is a talk about the criminalization of otherness. Framed by the War on Terror Rajkamal Kahlon’s recent work attempts to locate the relationship between anthropological portraiture and political violence labeled as terrorism. Wednesday 23 novembre at 7 pm.

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