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    Workshop for children | Architecture and movement

    Choreographer Francesca Chiacchio, takes the children on a playful exploration, together they examine the links between architecture, body and color. The workshop begins with an analysis of the geometric shapes of the Villa, which are then transposed on paper, to conclude the workshop the geometrical partitions created by doing so...

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    Concert-performance | Artonov

    The Boghossian Foundation hosts the opening night of the Artonov Festival with ‘The Silk Road in Sounds’, a concert by the Osuna trio doubbled with a performance by sand-artist Colette Dedyn. Thursday 6 October 2016, at 8 pm.

  • Film

    Film screening-debate | Cinemaximiliaan

    The Boghossian Foundation organizes, in collaboration with Cinemaximiliaan, the screening of the film ‘Djomeh’ by the Iranian director Hassan Yektapanah, in the presence of newcomers in Brussels. The film will be followed by a debate about the siuation of the Afghan community in Iran. Wednesday 5 October 2016, at 7 pm.

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    Escapade culturelle | Saveurs nippones

    Dans le cadre des 150 ans de relations diplomatiques belgo-japonaises, la Fondation Boghossian organise une immersion nippone au coeur de la Belgique. Une exclusivité pour les membres du Cercle de la Villa. Samedi 1er octobre 2016.

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    Performance | Artist in residency

    With ‘Dear Diogenes, this is something else’, Frank Wasser inhabits the Villa Empain. Wasser will inhabit the current exhibition ‘Decor’ interrupting visitors with observations, questions, riddles and rumours as they move through the building. Saturday 1st October 2016, from 11 am to 6 pm.

  • Regis Debray

    Talk | Régis Debray

    In the wake of the debate around Brussels’ future Museum of Contemporary Art, the Boghossian Foundation invites internationally renowned French philosopher and mediologist Régis Debray to share his reflections on contemporary art and on the role of museums today. Thursday 20 October 2016, at 7 pm.

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    Guided tours | Jardins en Fête

    The Boghossian Foundation is part of the 9th Jardins en Fête’s edition organized the library René Pechère and the CIVA Foundation.  Visits will be organized at the Boghossian Foundation in order for you to discover its Art deco’s swimming pool and the sculptures in its garden. Upon reservation only.

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