Concert-performance: Artonov

The Boghossian Foundation hosts the opening night of the Artonov Festival with The Silk Road in Sounds, a concert by the Otsuna trio doubbled with a performance by sand-artist Colette Dedyn. Thursday 6 October 2016, at 8 pm.

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Concert: ‘The Musical Orchard’

Lux Beata conceived an original concert for the Boghossian Foundation. ‘The Musical Orchard’ is a musical journey through time conveyed by the music of two cultures, from 10th‐century Armenia to the birth of the stylus phantasticus around Naples, in the 17th‐century.
At Villa Empain, Thursday 14 April at 7pm

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Concert: ‘The musical Istanbul of the XIXth Century’

Lâmekân Ensemble is an internationally renowned sextet which invites the Turkish and European public to (re)discover the classic Ottoman music. The program focuses on the Istanbul of the 19th Century.
February 4th at 7 pm

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