Rajkamal Kahlon
When you’re the Indian in a country of John Waynes
23 November 2016, at 7 pm

When you’re the Indian in a country of John Waynes is a talk about the criminalization of otherness. Framed by the War on Terror, an endless and perpetual war waged by the U.S. and it’s global allies, Kahlon’s recent work on the project Blowback, attempts to locate the relationship between anthropological portraiture and political violence labeled as terrorism. The talk will draw on Kahlon’s recent research into anthropological and ethnographic collections and photo archives at the Weltmuseum in Vienna, Austria and Harvard University.

The talk will conclude with a screening of People of Afghanistan. The 9 minute video superimposes photographic portraits of Afghan men collected during a Russian anthropological survey in Afghanistan in the 1960’s over high definition thermal imagery of an American AC-130 Specter Gunship’s aerial bombing of military targets in Afghanistan.


About Rajkamal Kahlon

Rajkamal Kahlon is an American artist based in Germany and the U.S. Her career long work with colonial archives reflects on the violence created by The War on Terror. Kahlon’s iconic political work, which insists on the centrality of the body in the experience of violence, changes the sum of politics into a record of intimate pain. Working with conceptual strategies, Kahlon emancipates the meaning of texts and images created by regimes of power through the use of absurdist humor and critical aesthetics. Texts and images, once liberated from former narratives, offer the potential for new forms of poetic resistance. The audience is presented with a shifting moral ground where the act of viewing is both complicit with and precedes the production of violence.

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Rajkamal Kahlon, ‘Vetruvian Man, or how I learned to love the bomb’, 2013