Fifth anniversary of the Villa

The Boghossian Foundation celebrated the fifth anniversary of the reopening of the Villa Empain with a sumptuous party organized around the swimming pool.

The enchanting evening was made possible by the Boghossian Foundation’s team, in collaboration with Profirst and caterer JML. It proved the ideal opportunity to fittingly thank Diane Hennebert for the work she accomplished during the renovation of the Villa Empain and the launch of the remarkable programming that she orchestrated with expert talent for five years. Succeeding his father Jean as CEO of the Boghossian Foundation, Ralph Boghossian introduced the new artistic director of the Villa Empain, Asad Raza.

The event also marked the end of the exhibition ‘Heaven and Hell. From magic carpets to drones’. Many artists who took part in this show were present.

French-American DJ C. Love animated the evening with a live performance, accompanied by Japanese artist Macoto Muryama. French artist Moussa Sarr was also in attendance and gave a public demonstration of his famous ‘flying carpet’ drone.

These artistic performances delighted the 900 friends and guests who all celebrated the ever-growing success of the activities organized by the Boghossian Foundation at the Villa Empain.