Inhabitation is the Boghossian Foundation’s residency program. Created by artistic director Asad Raza, it’s a hybrid residency and public presentation series that invites visual artists, choreographers, musicians, curators and writers to spend time together living and working on the grounds of the Villa Empain, using a studio space, editing facilities and even a recording studio which has been constructed in the Villa’s basement vault. Each participant is asked to devise a way of presenting their project-in-progress to the visitors of the Foundation. Inhabitation makes the Villa Empain a place of production and work as well as the display of “finished” pieces, in a way that is still porous to the visitor’s experience.

Should you wish to join the Foundation’s inhabitation program, feel free to apply by sending the documents listed below to the Inhabitation’s e-mail address:

The applications are taken on a rolling basis so should you not receive an immediate response, don’t worry, the Foundation will review all applications in due time.