The Boghossian Foundation prize 2013 – For young Lebanese artists
Year: 2013

Founded in 1992, the Boghosian Foundation is commited to supporting a number of educational, urban, artistic and cultural projects in a variety of countries. In 2006, the Boghossian Foundation acquired the famous Villa Empain in Belgium, a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture in Brussels, in order to establish its headquarters there and to develop a centre for art and dialogue aiming to reconcile Eastern and Western cultures.

Since opening its doors to the public, the Villa Empain has hosted numerous cultural and artistic events organised by the Foundation : exhibitions, concerts, conferences and international meetings. The Boghossian Foundation welcomes foreign students, artists and researches at its residence in Brussels.

The Boghossian Foundation Prize in Lebanon started in 2012 has the aim of promoting and strengthening the links between East and West through the medium of art.

The 2013 Boghossian Foundation Prize

In June 2013, the Boghossian Foundation selected three laureates from a pool of active Lebanese creator-candidates in photographic, illustrative and design domains.

A jury composed of personalities from the art world chose the laureates.


Mary Boghossian-Salamé

Diane Hennebert
Director of the Foundation

VILLA EMPAIN – Centre for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
B – 1050 Brussels


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The composition of the 2013 jury presided by Albert Boghossian

Xavier Canonne, Director of the Musée de la Photographie de la Communauté française de Belgique
Karim Chaya, designer (Lebanon)
Nada Debs, designer (Lebanon)
Louma Salame, In charge of communications for the Grand Louvre project Abu Dhabi
Franck Sarfati, graphic designer (Belgium)
Elga Trad, journalist and member of the executive committee of the Baalbeck International Festival (Lebanon)

Secretariat jury Diane Hennebert, Director of the Boghossian Foundation, assited by Clémentine Couplet.

The Awards

The three laureates of the Boghossian Foudantion Prize will each receive 10,000 dollars, together with the possibility to travel and reside in Brussels at the Villa Empain free of charge. The awards will be handed out at an official public ceremony on October 1st, 2013 in Beirut.

Terms and conditions for candidates

Must be between 25 and 40 years old;
Must have Lebanese nationality or have lived in Lebanon for at least 5 years;
Must work in the creative domain chosen by the 2013 Prize;
Must provide the jury with two CDs each containing a piece of identity, a curriculum vitae, a detailed biography, a mention of publications concerning his/her work, a reproduction of high quality of his/her body of work and a DVD for candidates in Video art;
Must agree to present their work to the members of the jury during their deliberation meeting, if necessary (June 2013);
Must respect the deadlines and schedule.

The laureates

After deliberation, the members of the jury unanimously chose Tanya Traboulsi as the winner.

The reason for such a choice were due to her technical mastery, great creative maturity and originality of the theme of her series : solitude and dialogue with oneself.

Tanya Traboulsi, aged 36, has had a beautiful artistic career and has exhibited in numerous festivals, galleries and institutions. She splits her time between Lebanon and Austria.

After deliberation, Carla Baz was unanimously designated the winner. Born in 1996, Carla was trained in Lebanon, France and Switzerland.

She worked in several prestigious offices, including ACID (Beirut), Burberry (London), Vivienne Westwood (London) and Zaha Hadid Architects (London)

After deliberation, the jury unanimously declared Deborah Phares as the winner.

The reason for this choice was because of her great creativity in various fields (advertising, design, photography, writing, theatre…), her humour and her creation of fictitious personalities in the Lebanese press (Abu Ras, Mr Know it all, Madmozél).

Deborah Phares, aged 35, was born and lives in Beirut. Graduating from ALBA (Master in Advertising) in 2003, she then worked as an independent, and has since 2004 been teaching and self producing her own creations (dance, videos, instillations, …).