Armenian legend
Akhtamar Quartet

Rallying the health emergency linked to the Coronavirus, the Boghossian Foundation follows the instructions given by the Belgian public authorities and closes its doors until 3 April 2020. All activities at the Villa Empain are being postponed until further notice. A new date will be communicated shortly.

To celebrate the launch of their first album, the Akhtamar Quartet will perform a repertoire of pieces from the East and the West at the Boghossian Foundation.

Written in D minor, its requiem’s tone sombre and melancholy, the String Quartet No. 15 is one of Mozart’s most touching.

With rural, naive or ritualistic melodies, ballads, epic chants, and songs of travellers, Komitas’ Miniatures, arranged by Aslamazyan, tell the stories of Armenia’s mountains, trees, birds and its sun, but also of its men, of work in the fields, of celebrations, of lovers’ sighs and crepuscular nostalgia.

Eugénie Alécian transcends cultures with her composition, conceived in 2016, Un Quatuor Arménien. Her piece tells the story of a country, which, despite being devastated by the 1988 Armenian earthquake, has never stopped singing and dancing, and gives us hope – that of a daughter of parents in exile, who returns to her country and recognises herself there.

Akhtamar is the name of a legend referencing Armenian Miniatures by Komitas, the ethnomusicologist monk, composer, and poet behind many popular Armenian songs at the turn of the 20th century. The Akhtamar Quartet has interpreted these Armenian pieces since its foundation and has chosen them as their signature work. The Quartet was founded at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and quickly began touring across Belgium and France, winning several awards along the way. In addition to their classical repertoire, they have also created and recorded pieces by contemporary composers such as Sarah Wéry, Michel Lysight, Michaël Blake…

Akhtamar Quartet
Coline Alecian, violin
Jennifer Pio, violin
Ondine Stasyk, alto
Cyril Simon, cello

A quartet between the East and the West
Mozart, String Quartet No. 15
Eugénie Alecian, Un Quatuor Arménien
Komitas/Aslamazyan, Miniatures

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