Soolmaan Quintet
Friday 23 March 2018, at 7 pm

Tristan Driessens: oud
Léa Besancon
: cello
Tom Callens: clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Nathan Daems: tenor saxophone, flute (ney and kaval)
Robbe Kieckens: percussion set up (frame drums, tombak)

The Boghossian Foundation presents the concert Istanbul sketches by Soolmaan Quintet. The quitet unites eclectic musical references with influences of the Eastern and Western cultures. It is led by itinerant lutenist Tristan Driessens who is influenced by Turkish makam, classical music and modal jazz where improvisation is the connecting factor. He has surrounded himself by the talented Robbe Kieckens, his longtime collaborator, as well as the multi-instrumentalist Tom Callens, saxophonist Nathan Daems and French cellist Léa Besancon.

A classically trained cellist, Léa Besancon shows a remarkable sensibility towards Eastern music. She works with singer Rafik El Maai (Arabic-Andalusian music) and the Iraqi ensemble The Mesopotamiens.

Saxophonist and arranger Tom Callens is a sure bet in the jazz world, where he collaborates with talented musicians such as Philippe Catherine, Jef Neve and Carlo Nardozza.

Saxophonist Nathan Daems is uniquely talented when it comes to uniting jazz and Eastern music. He is the frontman of successful bands such as Blackflower, Ragini Trio and the Nathan Daems Karsilama Quintet.

Tristan Driessens initially focused his work on classical Ottoman music with Lâmekân Ensemble, and then found his own musical identity. He composes new music both deeply rooted in tradition and open to new possibilities, reflecting his rich journey as a musician. If the city of Istanbul appears to be the starting point for his journey, the oud player creates an unusual world full of poetry and introspection.

Rhythmic musician Robbe Kieckens has mastered many percussion instruments, ranging from the Iranian bendir and tombak, Cuban congas, to the Spanish pandero. He has lent his talents to several recordings, and plays with, among others Lâmekân Ensemble, Myrdinn De Cauter and Compro Oro.


Centre for art and dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures
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1050 Brussels

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Price : 12€
7€ for the Friends of the Villa Empain