Is this the beginning of a neo-national era?
With Bertrand Badie and Michel Foucher
Introduction by Gaidz Minassian
Thursday 19 October 2017 at 7 pm

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From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, from the Russian aggression against Ukraine to Beijing’s territorial disputes in the South China Sea, from the tension surrounding the issue of migration to diplomatic failures in the Middle East – international current events are upsetting the world order and disrupting nation-states.

Are these multifaceted political tensions the sign of a nationalist revenge? Are we witnessing the States’ reaffirmation of borders as a protective barrier? Are we seeing the “return of borders” or, on the contrary, the “end of territories”? After a period of neoconservatism, must we now endure a “neo-nationalist frenzy”?

Two great contemporary thinkers, political scientist Bertrand Badie and geographer Michel Foucher, confront their points of view on these central issues in order to decrypt our world’s evolution and its possible digressions.


Bertrand Badie is a lecturer in International Relations at Sciences Po, and author of La diplomatie de connivence (2001), Quand l’Histoire commence (2013) and Nous ne sommes plus seuls au monde (2016).

Michel Foucher is a geographer, diplomat and former ambassador, and professor of geopolitics at the Collège d’études mondiales. He is the author of L’Europe et l’avenir du monde (2009), L’obsession des frontières (published in 2007 and reissued in 2012), and Le retour des frontières (2016).

Together, they co-wrote Vers un monde néo-national ? published at CNRS Editions in 2017.

Gaidz Minassian is journalist at Le Monde and teacher at Science Po, Paris.

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