Conferences on the current use of drones
17 and 18 March 2015 at 7pm

No day goes by without news of drones, this flying object which is under the control of a remote authority or guided by an operator. As an antidote to international terrorism, remedy to our fears and feelings of insecurity or just a hype gadget, we still ignore the widespread and consequences of their uses. On the occasion of the exhibition, Heaven and Hell. From magic carpets to drones, the Boghossian Foundation organizes two conferences to discuss and think on the actual use of drones.


On the 17th of March at 7pm: The development of drones and their consequences. Conference / discussion with Philip Boucher and Peter Van Blyenburgh. Philip Boucher’s talk will be held in English and Peter van Blyenburgh’s talk will be held in English and French.

On the 18th of March at 7pm: Art and drones. Conference / discussion with the participation of Adam Harvey, Edouard Janssen and the writer François de Coninck. Adam Harvey will speak in English and Edouard Janssen and François de Coninck will speak in French.

The speakers

Philip Boucher graduated in Sociology from the University of Manchester. He is specialized in the relations between emerging technologies and contemporary society. He did a phenomenological study and elaborated theoretical frameworks and methodologies to understand the impact of technology on our society. He actually works at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center.

François de Coninck was born in Kinshasa. He lives in Antwerp and works all over the world.

Adam Harvey, was born in Honesdale (Pennsylvania) in 1981. He studied interactive telecommunication at the University of New York. He has had a keen interest in thermal imaging and its use in the weapons industry. Concerned about the protection of privacy in regards to drones and military equipment, he created, in partnership with the New Yorker designer Johanna Bloomfield, clothes that he baptized Stealth Wear (2013). These clothes were made with flexible metallic fibre which makes them tight to infrared rays and X rays. Thanks to these clothing a thermal camera is not able to detect body heat.

Born in 1961, Edouard Janssen van der Maelen, is passionate about photography. He always dreamed of taking photos of the earth from the stratosphere. In 2011, he launched a sounding balloon to which was attached a camera. Taken at a height of 33 kilometres, his sublime pictures reveal the fragility of our earth only protected by a thin atmospheric layer.

Born in the Netherlands in 1948, Peter van Blyenburgh lives in Paris. In 1997, he founded the Euro UVS (Unmanned Vehicle Systems) and UVS International in 2000. Both associations bring together more than 1800 companies and institutions from all over the world.


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