Round table

14 September 2016, at 8.30 pm

As part of the cycle of monthly conferences conceived by Louma Salamé dedicate to current issues, the Boghossian Foundation organizes a round table around the problematic of the assistance to refugees, happening in countries in situation of war or in Europe.

Gérard Dubois, Mayor without political label of the city of Pessat-Villeneuve (France), comes to testify of the experiment he realized when he welcomed 66 refugees in his village of 550 inhabitants. Elise Boghossian, founder of the association EliseCare, has been helping refugees for over ten years, in Kurdistan, in Iraq and at Calais. Marwan Zoueini is a concert, singer and composer and questions the links between occidental and oriental music, he interprets his pieces Exils and Tzigane in a duet with Guy Stroobant.



Elise Boghossian

Elise Boghossian is the grand-daughter of Armenian refugees. Doctor in Chinese medicine, the young woman first committed by herself to the victims of war. In 2002, she founds EliseCare, an NGO which brings medical assistance to civilians living in conflict zones and promotes the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to refugees.

First in Armenia, and then in Jordan, Kurdistan, Irak, Beyrouth and today in Calais, Elise Boghossian dedicates her life appeasing the suffering of others, creating free portable clinics in Iraq and constructing hospitals. In her book Au royaume de l’espoir, il n’y a pas d’hiver, this mother of three tells about her humanitarian commitment.

Gérard Dubois

Gérard Dubois is the Mayor of the city of Pessat-Villeneuve in the Puy de Dôme in France. In November 2015, his family welcomed 66 voluntary migrants, who wanted to apply for asylum in France and from the camp of Calais. This state initiative is accompanied by the association Forum Réfugiés, a non-profit association striving for refugees welcoming, defense of the right of asylum and the promotion of the state of law.

Marwan Zoueini

Marwan Zoueini is a concert, singer and composer. 1st Prix of the festival Musique sans Frontières in 1985, author of La Musique et ses Frontières (1991), teacher in several academies of Brussels, he questions the links between occidental and oriental music. At the occasion of our round table, he interprets his pieces Exils and Tzigane in a duet with Guy Stroobant.

Marwan Zoueini est concertiste, chanteur et compositeur. 1er Prix du festival Musique sans Frontières en 1985, auteur de La Musique et ses Frontières (1991), enseignant dans différentes académies de Bruxelles, il questionne les liens entre les musiques occidentales et orientales. A l’occasion de notre table ronde, il interprète ses morceaux Exils et Tzigane en duo avec Guy Stroobant.

Louma Salamé, general manager of the Boghossian Foundation.


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