The Way of tea
On Sundays 18 December 2016 and 15 January 2017, at 11 am

Practical information

The Boghossian Foundation is organizing a tea ceremony for the exhibition Seeing Zen.

Both Zen and tea arrived in Japan from China in the 11th century. In the 16th century, having studied Zen, Sen no Rikyu became the the Great Tea Master for Oda Nabunoga and Hideyoshi. Rikyu simplified the ritual using bamboo and Japanese ceramics.

He is at the heart of the current ritual and the 4 founding principles of Chado :
Wa or Harmony between the hosts and guests, and the seasons.
Kei or Respect for each guest and each object.
Sei or Purity, before entering a house or tea room, one’s right hand, left hand, and mouth is purified with water. Leaving behind all troubles, one enters the space humbled.
Jaku or Tranquility, is to offer a bowl of tea to someone else, any one else, regardless of his origins, and without prejudice.

Zen meditation and Chado encourage correct posture, abdominal breathing, openness to others, and living in each moment.

Thierry Geerinckx introduces the public of the Boghossian Foundation to this ancestral tradition. Recognized Chado expert, he is a pupil of Michiko Nojiri sensei from the Urasenke school. Only five teachers have had the privilege of following this great Sensei’s teachings, admired in Europe and in Japan. Thierry Geerinckx has been following her teachings for more than 25 years and is passing the knowledge on to his students.

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