Mondialité & Chun Kwang Young
Sunday 2 July and Sunday 6 August 2017


This summer, on the first Sundays of the month, in parallel with the guided tours for adults, visits will be organized for the children.

The adult visit will deliver the keys to the Chun Kwang Young and Mondialité exhibitions whilst unveiling the history of the Villa Empain, an Art Deco masterpiece.

Simultaneously, the children will be introduced to the work of Chun Kwang Young during a playful visit. An imaginary journey that will reveal the sources of inspiration of the Korean artist as well as the secrets of the Hanji paper his works are made of. The visit is followed by a creative workshop inspired by the exhibition.

In English, French or Dutch
15€ / 7€ for the Friends of the Villa

From 8 to 12 year
In French

Sunday 2 July, at 3 pm
Sunday 6 August, at 3 pm

T. +32 2 627 52 30