TALES | Dreamed stories

On the occasion of the exhibition House of Dreamers, storyteller Sigrid Exelmans will take you on an afternoon of Nordic, Jewish and Flemish folk tales.

TALES | In the house of tales

On the occasion of the exhibition House of Dreamers, storyteller Marie-Rose Meysman proposes an afternoon of tales to amaze children and adults alike.

LECTURE | Embargoes and blockades in the Middle East

Geopolitical expert Carole André-Dessornes illuminates the principles behind embargo, blockade, siege, and boycott, while also scrutinizing their efficacy as forms of sanctions.

RECITAL | Taehan Kim, baritone

Baritone Taehan Kim, winner of the 2023 Queen Elisabeth Competition, is the guest of the Boghossian Foundation for an exceptional concert presenting works by European and Korean composers.

LECTURE | Who is Zelensky?

As part of an evening dedicated to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ariane Chemin, senior reporter at Le Monde, traces the career of a president turned war leader.

PERFORMANCE | The butterfly and the red string

Dancer Yuri Matsumaru presents a new choreography inspired by her intimate story and tells us about love, loss and connection in a butoh performance.

EVENT | Summer Party

Like every year, summer is celebrated with music at the Villa Empain. Visit the exhibition House of Dreamers and enjoy performances and dj sets around the Art Deco swimming pool.

WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS | My garden in colours

The Boghossian Foundation and the CIVA are organising a workshop for kids to discover the Bois de la Cambre and the surroundings of the Villa Empain. On the programme, plant varieties, smells, textures and colours…

WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS | Under my roof

For the duration of a course at the Villa Empain, your children will become novelists, poets and authors of an imaginary tale inspired by the history of this Art Deco landmark.

WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS | Notebook in bloom

This summer, the Boghossian Foundation and the CIVA are organising workshops for kids on nature and drawing. On the programme: exploring gardens, contemplating nature and experimenting with a botanist’s notebook.