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A year ago, American voters turned the page on Trump and elected democratic candidate Joe Biden to the presidency. Does this step towards a ‘return to normalcy’ mean the end of American disengagement on a global scale? Is Joe Biden’s America back?

Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, general director in France of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, will enlighten us on the United States’ foreign policy, with Gaïdz Minassian, journalist at Le Monde.

Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer is the director in France of the German Marshall Fund of the United States’ (GMF) Transatlantic Think Tank. Its primary mission is to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the United States and Europe on a wide range of geopolitical, social and economic issues. At GMF, de Hoop Scheffer is in charge of the annual Transatlantic Trends study. She is a specialist in the United States on transatlantic relations and strategic issues, and has held advisory positions with the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs (2009-2011) and the French Defence (2006-2009), as well as NATO (2010-2013) and the United Nations (2006). Her expert advice is regularly sought out by large corporations hoping to anticipate future risks. She has a doctorate in political science from Sciences Po Paris and a Bachelor’s degree in War Studies from Kings College London. De Hoop Scheffer is the author of Hamlet en Irak (CNRS editions, 2007) and is currently finishing a second book on the evolution of US leadership in the world and its implications for Europe and international cooperation. A lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer frequently participates in public debates and provides her insights in the French and international press.

Gaïdz Minassian is a journalist at Le Monde and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris.