The Boghossian Foundation’s exhibition How will it end? and events are accessible only on presentation of the Covid safe ticket

The Boghossian Foundation is pleased to welcome the Voice and Harp Duo of the Lebanese soprano Nadine Nassar and the Polish harpist Anna Sikorzak-Olek for an exceptional evening of concert in aid of the National Music Conservatory of Lebanon. Dedicated to the students and teachers of the Conservatory, the funds raised will be used to purchase wind instruments. In the sumptuous salon of the Villa Empain, the accomplished voice and harp duo revisits the works of various renowned composers such as G. Gershwin, F. Chopin, and C. Debussy.

The soprano with a crystal voice, Nadine Nassar developed her singing at the University of Music Frederic Chopin after studying music at the National Music Conservatory of Lebanon. She perfected her skills with the soprano Z. Witkowska, and had the privilege of being accompanied by the Lebanese virtuoso pianist H. Goraieb. In 2016, she received the Medal of Merit from the Polish Ministry of Culture.

It was thanks to Mozart in Arabic that Nadine Nassar’s path crossed that of harpist, soloist and teacher Anna Sikorzak-Olek who is known for recording archive concerts by W. Lutoslawski, J.F. Handel, C. Debussy and many others. Anna Sikorzak-Olek is the first artist to perform works by T. Paciorkiewicz, M. Grandjany, M. Hertel, and J.M. Jarre. She is also known for restoring works for harp of M. Poplawski and F. Nowowiejski, as well as other composers from the collections of the Czartoryski Museum.