The Boghossian Foundation presents the third edition of the Limited Edition Art Fair (LEAF), a fair that celebrates prints and multiples from the 11th to the 13th February 2022.

Every year since its inauguration in 2020, the Limited Edition Art Fair proposes various limited series artworks from offset prints, engravings, lithographs, serigraphs, ceramics to photographs.

During three days, renowned editors, international galleries and major Belgian institutions such as the CIVA Foundation in Brussels, and the Centre for Engraving Printmaking in La Louvière commits to the Villa Empain. Part of the fair is devoted to the artworks of a dozen artists winners of the Foundation Boghossian Prize or that stayed at the residence of the Villa Empain.

This year, LEAF shines a light on emerging and specialised publishing houses, including Anima Ludens, JPB Editions, Three Star Books and Taschen, to honour their flourishing work.

The fair unfolds on three floors of the Boghossian Foundation and is an opportunity to visualise the state of play of today’s printmaking and multiples across various authentic, innovative, valuable and accessible artworks.

Institutions, galleries, and publishers

Anima Ludens, Ars Belga, Art’Loft-LeeBauwens Gallery, Atelier Bruno Robbe, Bernier Eliades Gallery, Centre Daily-Bul & Co, Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée, CIVA, Frans Masereel Centrum, Galerie Catherine Putman, Gallery Fifty One, HdM Gallery, Irène Laub Gallery, JAP, JPB Editions, La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach, LMNO, Keramis, Meessen De Clercq, Michael Woolworth, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels, Taschen, Three Star Books, We do not work alone, Wittockiana.


Invited artists

Zeina Abirached, Pauline Bonnet, Julien Chatelin, Adrien Cicero, Samuel Coisne, Roman Couchard, Nina Faivre, Job Gijsbrechts, Philippine d’Otreppe, Harold Lechien, Margaux Lecoursonnois, Lucian Moriyama, Guilyan Pepin, Thomas Perino, Félicien Umbreit, Romain Zacchi.


In partnership with Collect and Actuel de l’estampe contemporaine

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