Launched in 2020, the Limited Edition Art Fair aims to show diverse works to the public : offset prints, lithographs, engravings, silkscreen prints, etchings, illustrations, ceramics, photographs… with each piece created in a limited edition series.

From the copyist scribes in Ancient Egypt, to the invention of the press and the development of woodblock printing in Egypt in the 1400s, multiples have had a rich and long tradition throughout history.

The act of printing images and texts in multiple copies helps circulate information or artwork more broadly. Series enable the popularization and appropriation of works; artistic works produced in many versions can be acquired at a reduced price. Both plural and authentic, images or objects produced in several versions become more accessible.

Art amateurs are welcome to discover works by both emerging and established Belgian and international artists. The fair showcases several collaborations with its platform for contemporary production.

Image   Thomas Perino, Tarot, 2019