The Brussels-based Iranian-German artist Nazanin Fakoor takes over the Grand Salon of the Villa Empain with the installation Rainbow. We are shaped by an infinity of reflections, like a rainbow. Inspired by the work The Conference of the Birds by the Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar, Fakoor reflects on the myth of a clear-cut national identity and the celebration of diversity. In the exhibition Flags, visitors are immersed in Fakoor’s luminous work.

Nazanin Fakoor is a Brussels based Iranian German visual artist and director. She studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and at the La Cambre School of Visual Arts in Brussels. Her visual installations and performances become worlds that the spectator can enter and influence. Her immersive, mutidisciplinary and often site-specific works have been shown in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Her installation Rainbow was recently purchased by the M HKA.


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