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6 May › 24 October 2021

From early icons from Europe and the Middle East to modern and contemporary works, icons have inspired many believers, as well as artists, throughout the ages. The exhibition unveils how spiritual dimensions have been incorporated into artworks since antiquity.

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Trees for memories

4 June › 24 October 2021

The exhibition presents works by 31 internationally renowned artists that takes a very special stand for peace, one century after the end of the First World War.

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Architecture and garden

The Villa Empain

The exhibitions of the Boghossian Foundation take place in the Villa Empain, a masterpiece of art deco architecture, designed by Michel Polak at the request of Baron Louis Empain. Discover the history of the house


Like a mirror of water, the huge swimming pool reflects the back side of the house. Surrounded by a pergola adorned with brightly colored mosaics, it is an essential part of the gardens. The garden of the Villa is decorated with contemporary sculptures. Discover the garden


Alexis Gallissaires

Brussels Drawing Week 14 September › 19 September 2021

The Boghossian Foundation invites Alexis Gallissaires in the frame of the Brussels Drawing Week. The artists and writer will show his recent work in the Studio of the Artists residency.

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