Chun Kwang Young
From 17 May to 10 September 2017

The artist Chun Kwang Young is the subject of the first solo presentation to date at the Boghossian Foundation. In congruence with the foundation’s focus on art and dialogue between cultures, Chun’s work emerges from a complex group of forms and influences, even as it achieves an elemental unity. The eponymous exhibition Chun Kwang Young takes place in a variety of settings across the Villa Empain, from the central salon to a series of galleries to outdoors, demonstrating the variety his wall-based and sculptural works comprise.

The exhibition provides major examples of Chun’s work, from 1998 to the present. Early in his career, Chun focused on painting, influenced by Abstract Expressionism; since the mid1990s, he has evolved a holistic practice that incorporates a traditional product known in Korea as hanji: a paper using mulberry bark that has been produced in Korea since the ninth century for packaging, writing, printmaking, insulation, and to hold medicine. Triangular packets of hanji, in particular, have become a constitutive element of the precise and meticulous technique Chun has developed.


Chun Kwang Young was born in 1944 in Hongcheon County in South Korea. He received his BFA from Hong-Ik University, Seoul in 1968 and his MFA from Philadelphia College of Art in 1971. In 2001, Chun was named artist of the year by the South Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2009, Chun received the Presidential Prize from the Korean Ministry of Culture. His work is represented in many public and private collections around the world.

The exhibition Chun Kwang Young is curated by Asad Raza, the Boghossian Foundation’s artistic director.


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Chun Kwang Young, Aggregation16-JA010 (STAR2), 2016