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Jolien De Roo

From 19 September to 6 October 2019

Jolien De Roo is the first laureate and prize winner of ArtContest 2018, supported by Boghossian Foundation. She shows recent works at her solo exhibition in the Project Space of the Villa Empain.

De Roo questions the relation between the presence and the absence of meaning. In each work, a precisely constructed and layered image is outlining a strange combination of abstract and figurative elements. Ambiguous forms often become figures inside the scenario of the image. Intrigued by the idea of creating a universe in which all those characters meet, no work can be understood by itself and each image questions itself relating to the other pictures. Therefore, De Roo ask herself how far she can, as an artist, manipulate the meaning associated to her works; does the act to give a meaning to an image depend exclusively on the viewer or is it the prerogative of the artist as creator?

Jolien De Roo (1988) lives and works in Ghent (Belgium). She obtained her Master of Fine Arts at the KASK Conservatory in Ghent and works with mixed techniques (painting, collage, sculpture, texts,…). In her works, she always questions the concept of meaning.
Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions (Art Brussels 2019, Yart 2019, WARP 2018,…) and group exhibitions (Verbeke Foundation 2019, ArtContest, Vanderborght Building 2018, Maison Particulière 2014,…).

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