From 24 October 2019 to 9 February 2020

Image and text are very close, complementary, and even interchangeable. Throughout time, numerous artists have experimented with the fine line which separates the two. Ekphrasis – Writing in Art presents works and texts by more than forty visual artists who experimented with writing as a means of replacing or describing an image.

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Abandoned dwellings of Beirut
From 14 november to 5 january 2020

For 150 years, Beirut has experienced successive periods of unbridled growth, war, economic and social crisis and migratory flows. Art historian and visual artist Gregory Buchakjian , reveals these abandoned dwellings and the lives of the former inhabitants with hundreds of official documents, photographs, and other personal effects.

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Le monde à plat
Curator: Alfred Pacquement

The exhibition explores the different ways art represents the world: cartography, frontiers and travel, social and ecological shocks. Visitors will discover a selection of works by contemporary artists, revealing how they see the world through various media: drawing, photography, video, installation and others.