The Boghossian Foundation is temporarily closed and will reopen on 15 June with the exhibition House of Dreamers. See you soon!

A light here required a shadow there.
To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf


The Boghossian Foundation explores manifestations of light in art and the sensations it causes.

The exhibition The Light House invites the public to experience a succession of personal and collective experiences with light, mostly immersive, through the works of 21 major contemporary artists, spanning nearly 60 years of artistic production.

Apart from the neon works, each of the guest artists, from Japan, South Korea, Palestine, Morocco, the United States and Belgium, has produced pieces or installations specially designed for this exhibition.

The Light House offers a circuit which revolves around five themes: celestial light, murky light, the experience of colour, in praise of shadow, neon lights and light bulbs.

Finally, to defend the idea that culture is the image of light, the very essence of which is to lead us out of darkness, The Light House also expands beyond the museum’s walls. Networking with public and private partners, in Belgium and across the world, the exhibition fans out symbolically to other leading cultural sites, and will include public spaces.

By exhibiting Dennis Parren’s work CMYK Corner, these institutions are taking part in our path of light: Wiels (Brussels), KANAL (Brussels), BOZAR (Brussels), SMAK (Ghent),M HKA (Antwerp), CID Grand-Hornu (Hornu), BPS22 (Charleroi), Institut du monde arabe (Paris), MUDAM (Luxembourg), Parajanov Museum (Yerevan),Sursock Museum (Beirut).

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