Garden tales
Sunday 20 May 2018

The Boghossian Foundation takes part in the 11th edition of Garden tales organized by the Bibliothèque René Pechère and the CIVA Foundation. Half-hour tours are organized all day through and will give you the opportunity to discover the surroundings of the Art Deco swimming pool, unique in Brussels, as wel as the contemporary art sculptures decorating the garden of the Villa. The perfect occasion to discover two outdoor installation as part of the current exhibition Melancholia.

The swimmingpool and pergola
Designed by the architect Michel Polak, the concept was that the swimming pool would reflect the rear façade. With a depth of 3.80 m and a volume of 500 m3, at the time it was considered to be one of the largest and most modern of its kind, as well as one of the first private swim- ming pools in Belgium. It was completely restored during the work done on the Villa. The pool is surrounded by a pergola with a mosaic floor reflecting the colours of southern climes. At the back of the swimming pool and protected by the pergola, there is a black granite sculpture by the Egyptian artist with Armenian origins Armen Agop (1969). To the front of the pool, there are two sculptures in corten steel which were created specifically for the Villa Empain by the Belgian poet and artist Johan Baudart (1961).

Garden sculptures
Pool-side, the garden has been decorated with a num- ber of contemporary sculptures by the Belgian artist Hubert Verbruggen (1944). Contrasting perfectly are the simple yet strong lines of the Vinalmont stone sculpture by another Belgian artist Damien Moreau (1966) with the flowers and insects of the Ideal Nature Machine collection, by the Austrian artist Stefan Waibel (1979) expressing a fantasy world.

The open-air work by Christian Boltanski consists of long stems planted in the ground, at the end of which traditional Japanese bells are moving along with the wind. Existing in various forms – from site-specific installations to video – Animitas is investing the garden of the Villa Empain for the show Melancholia.

Designed for this exhibition, Tatiana Wolska’s piece Atrakcja was built using wood scraps in the Villa Empain’s garden. It is a metaphor for a cabin, an unexpected space recalling childhood memories, favourable to isolation and introspection. It seems to be the manifestation of a daydream, freed
from the constraints of reality, floating and organically spreading in space.


Centre for art and dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
1050 Brussels

Sunday 20 May 2018
From 11 am to 6 pm

In French and Dutch

Upon reservation only
T. +32 2 642 24 84