Opened in 2010, the Foundation’s artist residency quickly became an essential part of the institution’s work.

By inviting artists from all backgrounds to stay at the Villa Empain, the Boghossian Foundation offers a serene time and place for artists to develop their practice, all the while taking inspiration from a dynamic cultural environment.

The Foundation cover travel expenses for reaching and leaving Brussels, for artists from Belgium and abroad. Artists can apply throughout the whole year by sending a presentation of their research project, a short bio or any other significant information, and are selected individually. The length of their stay is one month.

The residency is composed of a common area (living room, kitchen, bathrooms) and three individual bedrooms. The studio, available 24/24h, is also shared between the artists in Residence.

For artists based in Brussels, the Foundation offer an external residency with access to the Residence’s studio during the opening days and hours of the Villa Empain.