Sunday 10th December, at 4.30 pm

Choreography and concept: Else Tunemyr
By and with: Catalina Insignares, Else Tunemyr, Zuzana Žabková
Dramaturgy: Henrike Kohpheiß, Carolina Mendonça

In weary three dancers have forgone the vertical in favour of the horizontal. Here, the female body becomes not a sign nor a symbol, instead materialises as nothing but itself. Movement, apparently unstructured, gradually unfolds as a carefully composed choreography. Shifting, turning, and waiting constitute the language with which the female bodies demand the right to speak as no one. Yet, one radical question makes itself visible: Is there another way of being in the world?

Catalina Insignares, Henrike Kohpheiß Carolina Mendonça, Else Tunemyr and Zuzana Žabková met during their studies in Giessen. In weary thinking about what a feminist dramaturgy could involve led to a use of non-linear time and a non-progressive unfolding of events. The work does not include a conclusion, or a climax but a bending, blurring of time. It refuses optimism, and it refuses an erectile vertical climax.

Else Tunemyr (b. 1984 Sweden) lives in Frankfurt, Germany. She engages in different collaborations, sometimes as a dancer and sometimes as a maker, often without a clear division. She studied for a BA in Dance Theatre at Laban, London, and a MA in Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen. Her interest centres on the question of how the political is produced through choreography.


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