Sunday 30 September 2018 at 3 pm 
By Anastasia Bay and Julien Saudubray
In collaboration with Juliette Otter and Matthieu Levet


“Sweat was dripping down my spine, I approached the short tap which distributed fresh water. I splashed my face and saved some for later in a little-coloured plastic recipient. I returned to the place that I had just left, crossing the thick vapour of the room which carved us like cotton clothes too tight. My eyes were not sufficiently accustomed to looking into the mist, I was petrified by the idea of a contact, a feverish like skin which would suddenly stick to mine. I had found a way to relax, I allowed my fingertips to stroke the small mosaic tiles which covered the benches and I lingered on their irregularities. As for the door it opened to let in a new person, making the sound of an airlock, I opened my eyes to observe the spectacle of the air floating in the room and sculpting an agile trajectory, finally offering an outline of the face of the man sitting in front of me.”

For this project at the Villa Empain, the Brussels collective Clovis XV undertook a collaboration with the choreographer Juliette Otter and the sound artist Matthieu Levet.

Leak-Out overflows, but with restraint. The elements of the narrative leave the vase, drop by drop, offering symbols, codes, and images to the spectator. The content is not linear; it is an act with multiple scenes which make up an imagery which has been modelled as hazy. Nothing is raised, the structure is developed horizontally. The bodies evoke solitude and idleness. The characters move in a moist atmosphere, integrating sculptures by the two visual artists whilst the public is caught in the middle of the screen through which they view the scene and the sound: original soundtrack of the performance.


About Anastasia Bay and Julien Saudubray

In 2014 the artist-run space Clovis XV opens its doors to Brussels. Its founding members Anastasia Bay and Julien Saudubray rapidly integrate the curatorial aspect of their artistic practice. Within their installations they include the works of guest artists or undertake direct collaborations, the collective operates by means of expanding scenic devices. The liquid element, transported by pipes and pumps, has a central role in their installations as they embody the fluidity and mobility which drives their research. Parasitizing as well as networking, their reflection inscribes itself as questioning of the means of production and diffusion appropriate to the young art scene in Brussels. Their work has been shown at ISELP, Villa Arson, The Others art fair in Turin, at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany or even at the Underconstruction gallery in Paris.\

Practical Information

Centre for art and dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
B – 1050 Brussels

Price : 10€
Free for the members of the Circle of the Villa
4€  for students under 26

This includes access to the exhibition Beyond Borders

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T. +32 2 627 52 30