Nikima Jagudajev
The Olympics
19 August 2017, from 2pm to 6pm


Wasn’t it in August that we decided to rent a car and travel around the island together? We left one tent in the macadamia nut orchard as a sort of home base. At night the mac nuts enticed the wild boar and we shared an orchard. Talk of such creatures attacking tents drifted around the campfire, or luau, like ghost stories.

The Olympics is a choreography that could be described as a sociality, a sort of gathering of companions. Somewhat like a traveling fair or a pool party with the extended fam. After dark the orchard was their terrain. I was a sort of trespasser with my rustling feet and darting eyes. But in the moonlight, there in the gulch we infiltrated together and invited a mutual attentiveness.

The extended fam, my sisters, will arrive, you know set up camp, inhabit space. Guests are invited, like really invited to take part, we might even over do it a little bit. In the morning it was mostly me and the Meyer Lemons. And the spider that made her little nest underneath the rain flap. Yeah it rained a lot, like really rained. Staph infection was the biggest general scare, but it was the invasion of ants that caused my anxiety. Our second tent – the one we took around the island – that one was yours and the zipper left a little hole for the critters. That one night on our way to the black sands beach we pitched it right on top of an anthill. First I dreamt about them crawling on me, inside of my sleeping bag and all over my face, and then I realized that it wasn’t just a dream. What is proposed is an intrusion rather then a composition that contests how and what is determined, allowing for the possibility of something else to show up; a different mode of being together perhaps. Yeah, anyway, just come over.

About Nikima Jagudajev
Nikima Jagudajev (b. 1990) is a choreographer living and working in New York. Her work, expanding formal dance into the construction of open-ended socialities, has been presented at the Whitney Museum and Judson Church, in the context of 89+ at LUMA/Westbau (Zurich) and Kunsthaus Kule (Berlin). She has worked with, among others, luciana achugar, Mårten Spångberg, Asad Raza, Tino Sehgal, Gillian Walsh and Phoebe Berglund. She was assistant editor to the anthology Post-Dance (2017).

Extended fam and dancing angels include Alexandra Tveit, Marie Ursin, Adriano Vicente, and Casper-Malte Augusta.

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