Performance | Sandhya Daemgen
The Aquarium

In The Aquarium one wants to see and be seen, know and be known. It is against this backdrop of the constant search for knowledge, visibility and identity that Sandhya Daemgen offers us something in between. In between that of the real and the represented, known and the unknown, self and the other. The blurring of boundaries and sensing of connections begin in this constantly shifting reality.
Through rumination and movement, language and sound, Sandhya Daemgen offers a time and space to engage and expand the notion of real in our daily lives.


Sandhya Daemgen is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. She is interested in ideas exploring the multi-dimensional reality of the everyday, especially through the use of music and new modes of personal and societal interaction. Her pieces include: “Alter Ego” (Uferstudios, Berlin), The Listening Party Experiment (KuLe, Berlin), Is It My Body? (Theatre du Fil de l’Eau, Paris), Age of Beyond (ada Studio, Berlin) and This is Not the Omega (Het Veem, Amsterdam). Since 2011 she has worked closely with Tino Sehgal and also performs for Ari Benjamin Meyers, Alexandra Pirici, Kareth Schaffer and Arcade Fire, amongst others. She holds degrees in both, Cultural Theory from Wesleyan University and also in Dance, Context and Choreography from HZT, Universität der Künste in Berlin.



Centre for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West
avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
1050 Brussels


Price : 10€
Free for the members of the Circle of the Villa
4€ for the people under 26

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