Movies om my own
Screening in the presence of the artist on Saturday 17 December from 11 am to 6 pm.
Public shooting from 5 tot 16 december.

In 2008, Ariane Loze created a series of videos to reflect on the conventions of the cinematographic language. Every one of them questions the limits of this medium by only working with minimal means. In the videos, she is the actress playing all the characters, she is the director staging their situations and imagined dialogues, and she is the camera woman framing their actions. As such, she embodies the main components of making a film. Ariane Loze’s videos make visible the processes of framing and staging that are necessary to be able to differentiate between characters, while at the same time expressing their particularities and even their oppositions. The videos also have a great potential for a wide array of diverging interpretations, that stems from the ambiguity of one person playing different characters. In some cases, her videos provoke a sort of shift from reality by creating a distance between the spectator and the sign systems and clichés that we use in everyday communication. This way, a dimension of interpersonal dialogue can appear, as if the characters were speaking with another part of themselves, showing the diverse potentialities they harbor or highlighting the inner conflicts they live.

Moreover, the site-specific locations of the videos play an important role in how they are perceived and the Villa Empain is an interesting venue. As such, Ariane Loze will integrate its spatial configuration as a significant element in the scenarios that she will be developing and performing during my residency. Generally, she is present in exhibition spaces with the videos on display, but also by making live performances, during which spectators can observe her practice of making videos. The spectacle of this ongoing creative process contributes in understanding the meaning and the aim of her work: creating a look into our everyday speech patterns, the behavioural, verbal or dress codes we use and that define our identities. At the same time, the work also wants to investigate these sign systems, and perhaps create greater tolerance towards their varieties.

About Ariane Loze

Ariane Loze is a Belgian performer and video artist. She studied theatre direction at the RITCS Brussels, and took part in the a.pass (Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies). She is now laureate at the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts Gent) for 2016-17.
Since 2008 she develops a body of work titled MÔWN (Movies on my own). She directs and performs in these videos, reducing the means to make a film to a minimum, one actress and a camera. The filming of these videos has been made public as a ongoing performance at the BOZAR Center for fine Arts, Brussels, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Vooruit, Ghent, Dansand!-festival Oostende, Brut Vienna, Nuit Blanche Brussels, Videoformes Clermont-Ferrand, Traverse Vidéo Toulouse, Medienwerkstatt Berlin, Prix Médiatine Brussels and got awarded at the Art Contest Brussels 2015. She recently showed her video work in collaboration with Gallery Sofie Van de Velde during the Antwerp Art Weekend and got awarded by the Art For All Society of Macau.

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