The Boghossian Foundation has chosen a universal language, that of artistic expression, to promote dialogue between cultures.

Conceived by internationally renowned curators, the exhibitions presented at the Villa Empain since its opening in 2010 reveal the work of artists from all horizons.

« Art has for result, even if it isn’t it’s apparent object,
the betterment of mankind. » Victor Hugo

Alexis Gallissaires

Brussels Drawing Week 14 September › 19 September 2021

The Boghossian Foundation invites Alexis Gallissaires in the frame of the Brussels Drawing Week. The artists and writer will show his recent work in the Studio of the Artists residency.

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The Light House

22 October 2020 › 18 April 2021

The curator Louma Salamé explored different manifestations of light, through numerous installations and contemporary sculptures by addressing five themes : celestial light, murky light, the experience of colour, in praise of shadow, neon lights and light bulbs.

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A 5,000 year journey 17 September 2020 › 18 April 2021

The Boghossian Foundation hosts an immersive and exclusively digital exhibition dedicated to Aleppo. Conceived by Iconem, the exhibition reveals several major buildings of the millennial city, the martyred remains of Syrian architecture.

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Mappa Mundi

Contemporary cartographies 5 March › 4 October 2020

The exhibition 'Mappa mundi, Contemporary cartographies' explores the different ways artists represent the world: cartography, frontiers and travel, social and ecological shocks. Visitors discover a selection of works by contemporary artists, revealing how they see the world through various media: drawing, photography, video, installation and others.

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Abandoned dwellings of Beirut

14 November 2019 › 5 January 2020

For 150 years, Beirut has experienced successive periods of unbridled growth, war, economic and social crisis and migratory flows. Art historian and visual artist Gregory Buchakjian revealed these abandoned dwellings and the lives of the former inhabitants with hundreds of official documents, photographs, and other personal effects.

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Writing in art 24 October 2019 › 9 February 2020

Image and text are very close, complementary, and even interchangeable. Throughout time, numerous artists have experimented with the fine line which separates the two. Ekphrasis – Writing in Art presented works and texts by more than forty visual artists who experimented with writing as a means of replacing or describing an image.

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Decoratieve platen

Jolien De Roo 19 September › 6 October 2019

Jolien De Roo is the first laureate and prize winner of ArtContest 2018, supported by Boghossian Foundation. She shows recent works at her solo exhibition in the Project Space of the Villa Empain.

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Art de vivre in the thirties 28 March › 6 October 2019

Conceived by Louma Salamé as an immersive exhibition, Flambloyant invited visitors into the home of a fictional collector from the 1920s and 1930s.

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The City of the Sun 28 March › 18 August 2019

The Boghossian Foundation highlighted Heliopolis, the birthplace of a new city built entirely from scratch by the Belgian industrialist Edouard Empain at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Of links and exiles

15 November 2018 › 3 February 2019

Of links and exiles was a residency and exhibition project which invited seven artists from Morocco to reflect and experiment on the meaning of making or breaking bonds in our contemporary societies.

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Beyond Borders

6 September 2018 › 24 February 2019

Since Ancient history, borders have raised questions related to themes of internal and external, identity and belonging. Featuring a selection of works by artists from East and West, the exhibition was enriched by the European Investment Bank collection.

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15 March › 19 August 2018

The exhibition explored, along a course dominated by the color blue, issues such as nostalgia for ancient forms and a bygone era; for the depiction of solitude, ruins, and passing time.

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