In its concern to support research, the sciences and the arts, the Boghossian Foundation organizes and finances prize awards in Belgium and abroad.

The Boghossian Foundation Prize Belgium

Faithful to its educational and artistic mission, the Boghossian Foundation awards annual prizes to two students completing their artistic studies.

Winners, selected on the basis of their end-of-year examinations, receive the sum of € 2,000 and an artist residency at a Lebanese partner institution. In addition to financial support, the prize aims to encourage young Belgian creators to explore the foreign art scene and to stimulate dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

The 2020 Boghossian Belgium Foundation Prize was awarded to two students of the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre: Pauline Bonnet (ceramics workshop) and Adèle Gallé (typography workshop). They each received a check for € 1,250.

This approach follows the partnerships with the Antwerp Academy and ArtContest.

ARTCONTEST Prize Academy of Antwerp Prize

The Boghossian Foundation Prize Lebanon

Since 2012, in its desire to promote and strengthen the East-West links through art, the Boghossian Foundation Prize in Lebanon has awarded prizes to young Lebanese artists.

Each year, three talents from different artistic practices are rewarded. Prize-winners are chosen by an international board of personalities from the artistic world, chaired by Louma Salamé, director of the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels. Since 2018, the Foundation has also awarded the ‘Youth Literature’ and ‘Cinéma Coup de Cœur’ Prizes.

Prize-winners receive the amount of $ 10,000 and are invited to Artist in Residence stays at the Villa Empain in Brussels. In addition to the opportunity to exercise an artistic practice in the workshop made available, the residency offers visibility in Belgium and an opening to Europe.

The laureats

The Boghossian Foundation Prize Armenia

Le Prix du Président de la République d’Arménie a été créé en 2000. Organisé tous les ans avec l’aide du Hayastan All Armenian Fund, ce prix vise à récompenser des personnes de grand talent qui s’investissent avec passion tant dans la recherche scientifique (médecine, physique, biologie, IT) que dans les arts, la littérature et le développement des valeurs humanistes en Arménie.
Un montant de 80.000$ est alloué chaque année aux treize lauréats de ces réalisations exceptionnelles. Ces prix sont remis au mois de mai par le Président de la République d’Arménie en personne.

The President Prize