The Boghossian Foundation Residency seeks to welcome artists from all backgrunds at the Villa Empain.

The former housekeaper’s building in the garden, restored and opened in 2010, offers a calm time and place for artists to develop their practice, all the while drawing inspiration from a dynamic cultural environment.

Faithful to its mission of promoting dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures, the Foundation encourages exchanges with the Middle East. Each year, the award winners of the Prize of the Boghossian Foundation in Lebanon are invited to stay at the Villa. Three Armenian artists are also welcomed annually, in collaboration with Creative Armenia.

As a laboratory for ideas and contemporary creation, the Residence is a place of sharing and of international encounters between artists, curators, writers and scientists.

Residence at the Villa Empain

Artists wanting to join the Residency programme can apply throughout the year.

For Brussels-based artists, the Foundation offers an external residency with access to the Residence studio during the Villa Empain’s opening hours.

The Foundation covers travel expenses for artists from abroad.

The length of the stay is from one to two months depending on the project and the availability of the facilities.

The residency building consists of a common area (living room, kitchen, bathrooms) and three individual bedrooms. The studio, available 24/7, is also shared between the artists in Residence.

Should you wish to join the Foundation’s Residency programme, feel free to apply by sending us the documents listed below as well as the Application form.

Application deadlines

The jury reviews applications twice a year, in March and September. The next application review is in xx, so please submit your application no later than 1st September 2021.

Project proposal

A 400-words proposal explaining what you intend to accomplish during your residency at the Boghossian Foundation. For example, this can be a series of works or methods to be explored during your time here. We are interested to know how a residency at the Foundation will benefit your practice. We are also aware that projects change and evolve.


A résumé that details your artistic career: education, exhibitions, residencies, awards, etc. Résumés serve to contextualize the work: an artist’s career point, publication, or exhibition history is not a determining factor in the attribution of this residency.


A 500-words statement directly related to the work sample submitted. Explain your clear artistic vision as it is exemplified in your work samples.

Visual material

10 images or 3 videos labelled according to your list of works.

List of works

Stating title, material, dimensions and date.
Application form

T. +32 2 627 52 30


They lived at the Villa Empain

Since the opening of the Residence in 2010, the Boghossian Foundation has welcomed nearly 200 artists, writers, researchers, scientists and curators of 28 different nationalities.

Residents 2021

Ghaith Abi Ghanem (Lebanon), Tigran Amiryan (Armenia), Yasmina Benabderrahmane (France), Ely Dagher (Lebanon),  Alexis Gallissaires (France), Heba Habib (Egypt), Marie-Jeanne Hoffner (France), Alexandra Huddleston (USA), Luke James (France), Felix Kinderman (Germany), Guillaume Lebelle (France), Jad Melki (Lebanon), Lucian Moriyama (USA), Houda Moussa (Syria), Xenia Nikolskaya (Russia), Rima Pipoyan (Armenia), Grazyna Roguski (Germany), Halim Sabbagh (Lebanon), Miguel Sanchez Bastida (Spain), Corine Shawi (Lebanon).

Residents 2020

Paula Almiron (Belgium), Mahmoud Bichtawi (Palestine), Pamela Breda (Italy), Marine Pagès (France), Clément Carat (France), Gianluca Cosci (Belgium), Carole Fékété (France), Alexis Gallissaires (France), Ophelia Harutyunyan (Armenia), Jason Hendrik Hansma (The Netherlands), Remi Itani (Lebanon), Isabel Mehl (Germany), Remco Roes (Belgium), Koenraad Claes (Belgium), Usoa Fullaondo (Spain), Charbel Abi Azar (Lebanon), Natasha Karam (Lebanon), Aine Mc Bride (Ireland)

Residents 2019

Gia Abrassart (Belgium), Nasser Al-Salem (Saoudi Arabia), Jacopo Belloni (Italy), Phoebe Berglund (USA), Simon Deppieraz (Switzerland), Islam Elnebishy (Egypt), Nazanin Fakoor (Iran), Vigen Galstyan (Armenia), Noa Giniger (Israel), Maria Kassab (Lebanon), Fleur Khani (Belgium), Jiana Kim (Korea), Ruben Malayan (Armenia), Nelly Maurel (France), Sandrine Pelletier (Switzerland), Thomas Perino (France), Oliver Rohe (France, Lebanon)

Residents 2018

Lauri Astala (Finland), Hrachya & Sevak Avanesyan (Armenia), Anastasia Bay (France), Hélène Barrier (France), Abdelkader Benchamma (France), Phoebe Berglund (USA), Elina Brotherus (Finland), Gregory Buchakjian (Lebanon), Alex Chalmers (UK), Abdessamad El Montassir (Morocco), Hala Ezzedine (Lebanon), Marco Godinho (Portugal), Elsie Haddad (Lebanon), Tom Jacobs (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Lana (Italy), Clara Madaro (Italy), Randa Maroufi (Morocco), Christopher Matthews (USA), Inge Nabuurs (The Netherlands), Amanda Riffo (France), Jo Sanders (USA), Julien Saudubray (France), Maria Sideri (Greece), Keong-A Song (Korea), Jinoos Taghizadeh (Iran), Adam Vačkář (Czech Republic), Erwin Van Doorn (The Netherlands), Jacques Vartabedian (Lebanon), Merle Vorwald (Germany), Varduhi Yeritsyan (Armenia)

Residents 2017

Alexandre Achour (France), Sophia Al-Maria (Qatar, USA), Monira Al Qadiri (Kuweit), Charbel-Joseph Boutros (Lebanon), Andre Chami (France, Lebanon), Adrien Cicero (France), Sandhya Daemgen (USA), Dong Da Wei (Korea), DD Dorvilier (USA), Chloé Dugit-Gros (France), Mayssa Fattouh (Liban), Elie Godard (France), Judith Goudsmit (The Netherlands), Danya Hammoud (Lebanon), Jamila Johnson Small (UK), Justin Kennedy (USA), Fleur Khani (Belgium), Christopher Kirubi (UK), Maria Kuran (Lebanon), Carolyn Lieba (USA), Chooc Ly Tan (France), Christopher Matthews (USA), Lina Morawetz (Austria), Karthik Pandian (USA), Thomas Proksch (Austria), Rafay Rashid (Pakistan), Will Rawls (USA), Stéphanie Saadé (Lebanon), Eszter Salamon (France), Diana Sargsyan (Armenia), Mårten Spångberg (Sweden), Elisabeth Sutherland (Ghana), Else Tunemyr (Germany), Frank Wasser (Ireland), Vasilis Zarifopoulos (Greece)

Residents 2016

Conor Creaney (Ireland), Joshua Dubler (USA), Leland de la Durantaye (USA), Andrew Durbin (UK), Moriah Evans (USA), Elizabeth Gaffin (USA), Agnieska Gratza (Poland), Andrew Hardwidge (UK), Janine Harrington (UK), Deanna Havas (USA), Rajkamal Kahlon (USA), Waqas Khan(Pakistan), Prem Krishnamurthy (USA), Seung-Min Lee, Nicola Lees (UK), Ariane Loze (Belgium), Sahra Motalehbi (USA), Marlie Mul (The Netherlands), Giles Round (UK), Tino Sehgal (Germany), Mariana Telleria (Argentina), Alvaro Urbano (Spain), Dorothea von Hantelmann (Germany), Andros Zins-Browne (USA)