The Boghossian Foundation encourages artistic creation in Belgium and abroad, and has become involved in the contemporary art competition ArtContest since 2014 by awarding the first two prizes.

The founder of the competition, Valérie Boucher, has spent twelve years unveiling, following and supporting young contemporary artists’ work.

The jury is formed by Liliane De Wachter (Muhka curator), Carine Bienfait (director of JAP Brussel), Catherine Mayeur (docent at Kunstgeschiedenis), Albert Baronian (gallery owner) and Simon Delobel (curator and art historian) . Each year, the jury meets during the summer to select 10 candidates from artists residing in Belgium of at least 35 years of age. After a second deliberation, which takes place on the day of the opening, the jury selects three recipients who are awarded prizes.

Each year, the Boghossian Foundation awards the two first prizes of two cheques totalling 9.000€ and 6.000€.


Work by Oriol Vilanova, 2015 ArtContest award recepient, Sunset from, 2015

Practical information

Find the history and registration details on the official website of ArtContest.

ArtContest 2018
14th edition

The laureats are Jolien De Roo (first prize), Pascale Valcke (second prize), and Antoine Waterkeyn (third prize).

The works of the laureates and the artists Arthur Cordier, Jolien De Roo, Julie Deutsch, Lisa Egio & Elliot Kervyn, Elise Eeraerts, Gilles Ribero, Ellen Schroven, Amélie Scotta, Pascale Valcke, and Antoine Waterkeyn will be shown at the Vanderborght building from 26 September until 20 October 2018.

ArtContest 2017
13th edition

The laureats are Ben Van den Berghe & Alexey Shlyk (first prize), William Ludwig Lutgens (second prize), and Luiza Crosman (third prize).

The works of the laureates and the artists Florian Kiniques, Juliana Canal Paternina, Léa Belooussovitch, Lucien Roux, Pedro Moraes, Sandrine Morgante, and Sean Crossley will be shown at the Vanderborght building from 26 October until 25 November 2017.

ArtContest 2016
12th edition

The laureats are Olivia Hernaïz (first prize), Lydia Debeer (second prize), and Tamara Van San (third prize).

ArtContest 2015
11th edition

De laureats are Oriol Vilanova (first prize), Rein Dufait (second prize) en Ariane Loze (third prize).

ArtContest 2014
10th edition

De laureaten zijn Younes Bba-Ali (first prize), Max Pinckers (second prize) en Jonathan Rosic (third prize).