The Red Thread. Past. Present. Future

The 2014 Boghossian Prize was awarded to Li-An Young, a young Taiwanese artist.

In the summer of 2006 I left Taiwan to study in Europe. My hope, young and adventurous, was to find a world filled with new experiences. However, the longer I was away from home, the more clear it became to me… what I was actually searching for were my own roots. Some things one can only see more clear from a distance.

During my studies in Germany, I became more interested in, and attracted to the traditions and legacy of my culture. This resulted in a series of works, that unexpectedly followed each other through the years. The search for my roots became my red thread.

This Master collection reflects my cultural confrontations and attempt to find balance herein.

The affinity and conflicts between Taiwan and China. Proud to have inherited the original Chinese traditions, I cannot but see myself as Taiwanese.

The love and hate towards Japanese influence, due to 50 years of colonization. The struggle within my own culture, the pressuring amount of rules, etiquette and the ever present expectations from family and society as a massive burden.

The red thread in my pieces represents those complicated and mixed feelings.
However, within this all, I found a comfort zone.

Where it holds together, with a slight tension, the world I know.

The 2012 and 2013 Boghossian Foundation Awards at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

For several years the Boghossian Foundation has been a partner with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp , and most particularly with its design and jewellery studio headed by Nedda El-Asmar. Thanks to this partnership, the Boghossian Foundation gives financial support to the academy on an annual basis, which enables them to invite foreign creators and to organize workshops as well as trips. Every year, the Boghossian Foundation also gives out an award to a graduating student.

Succeeding Celina Gram, the laureate of the 2012 Boghossian Foundation Award, is Dimitar Stankov, a young jeweller who was chosen as the laureate of the 2013 Boghossian Foundation Award.

Born in Bulgaria in 1985, Dimitar Stankov has lived in Antwerp since 2009 to perfect his training in design and jewellery. The singularity of his approach, mixing Bulgarian tradition, experimental music, sculpture, gold and silversmithing, offers him prospects for great success in his future career.