The Boghossian Foundation

Established in 1992, the Boghossian Foundation is committed to support many educational, urbanistic, artistic, and cultural projects in different countries. In Belgium, the Boghossian Foundation acquired, in 2006, the famous Villa Empain, gem of Brussels Art Deco architecture, in order to establish its head office and a center for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.
After the complete restoration of this edifice classified as a Belgian monuments and sites heritage, Villa Empain opened its doors to the public on April 2010, offering a variety of cultural and artistic activities : exhibitions, concerts, conferences and international meetings, etc. the Boghossian Foundation can also host students, artists and scholars-in-residence in Villa Empain.
Since 2012, the Boghossian Foundation Prize has reflected the desire to promote and strengthen ties between the East and the West through art.

Boghossian Foundation Prize in Lebanon in 2018

The ceremony took place on 11 October at the Villa Audi in the presence of Anne-Marie Afeiche, representative of the Minister of Culture Ghattas Khoury, HE the Ambassador of Belgium in Lebanon Hubert Cooreman, Jean Boghossian, President of the Boghossian Foundation, and Mary Boghossian Salamé, Director of the Boghossian Foundation in Lebanon.

The laureates are Serge Manouguian for Painting, Tala Safié for Design, and Charlie Prince for Dance and Performance.
The winners of the two new categories are: Mohammad Ismail and Nassim Alawan for the “Littérature Jeunesse” Prize and Oualid Mouaness for the “Cinema: Coup de Cœur” Prize.
They each won 10.000$ and the opportunity to stay at the artist residence of the Villa Empain in Brussels.
In addition, the jury rewards the works of artist Saad Mhamad and director Ghassan Halwani with an invitation for a residence at the Villa Empain.

Serge Manouguian, Scape, 2018
Tala Safie, Orient Littéraire, 2018
Charlie Prince
Oualid Mouaness with Nadine Labaki, 1982

The jury

The Boghossian Foundation Prize is awarded by a jury formed by prominent individuals from the European and Libanese art world: Louma Salamé, Christian Bernard, Karina Helou, Michèle Malek, and Jean-Marc Bonfils.


The “Littérature Jeunesse” Prize

The Prize organized in collaboration with Assabil rewards the best fiction books directed towards children of 12 to 14 years old, published in Arabic in Lebanon, written and illustrated by Lebanese authors. The jury formed by Tony Boulad, Georgia Makhlouf, Najlaa Jreisati Khoury, Paul Mattar, and Abido Bacha rewards Nassim Alwan for #Hashtag and Mohamad Ismail for Rebelle.

Assabil association will organize meetings between students from official schools and the laureates of the prize in Beirut’s municipal libraries. The Boghossian Foundation will buy many copies of the private books and it will be distributed to the students present.

The « Cinema : coup de cœur » Prize

The “Cinema : coup de coeur” Prize in parternship with Fondation Liban Cinema supports the distribution of a Lebanese film produced in 2017-18 abroad or in Lebanon. The Jury formed by Louma Salamé, Grégory Zalcman and Mario Haddad rewarded Oualid Mouaness for 1982.
Director Ghassan Halwani was rewarded as well with an invitation for a residence at the Villa Empain.


Applications must be sent via Wetransfer to the following address :

Deadline for applications:
20 September 2018

Awards ceremony:
11 October 2018