The Boghossian Foundation

Established in 1992, the Boghossian Foundation is committed to support many educational, urbanistic, artistic, and cultural projects in different countries. In Belgium, the Boghossian Foundation acquired, in 2006, the famous Villa Empain, gem of Brussels Art Deco architecture, in order to establish its head office and a center for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.
After the complete restoration of this edifice classified as a Belgian monuments and sites heritage, Villa Empain opened its doors to the public on April 2010, offering a variety of cultural and artistic activities : exhibitions, concerts, conferences and international meetings, etc. the Boghossian Foundation can also host students, artists and scholars-in-residence in Villa Empain.
Since 2012, the Boghossian Foundation Prize has reflected the desire to promote and strengthen ties between the East and the West through art.

Boghossian Foundation Prize in Lebanon in 2019

This year, the Boghossian Foundation is awarding three prizes to young Lebanese creators in the fields of painting, photography and illustration. The deadline for sending applications is 13 September 2019.

The jury

The Boghossian Foundation Prize is awarded by a jury formed by prominent individuals from the European and Libanese art world. Led by Louma Salamé, general director of the Boghossian Foundation, the jury will gather after 13 September and announce the winners by the end of the month.


The application file shall comprise:

A scanned copy of the ID card (candidates must be under 40 years of age)
résumé (not exceeding two sheets)
For Painting, Photography, and Illustration: a portfolio containing a maximum of 30 pictures, in jpg format, with a size ranging between 1000 and 2000 pixels in length. Pictures files should be saved as bearing the: Full name_Title_Year
The file should be sent via Wetransfer at
For Illustration: in addition to the digital portfolio, a hard copy should be sent by post at the Foundation in Beyrouth: Pobox : 16/6421

The “Littérature Jeunesse” Prize

This prize, in partnership with the Assabil public libraries, rewards books published in Arabic between 2018 and 2019, as well as manuscripts aimed at an audience of young people aged from 12 to 14. Among the many books received, a jury of experts will determine the winning book.

Deadline for applications to be sent by 31 May.

Subsequently, the Assabil association will organize meetings between students from official schools and the winner of the prize for a debate on the work. During this debate, the Boghossian Foundation will provide copies of the winning book to these students.

The « Cinema : coup de cœur » Prize

The Boghossian Foundation launches as well the “Cinema : coup de coeur” Prize in parternship with Fondation Liban Cinema supports the distribution of a Lebanese film abroad or in Lebanon.


The film must be Lebanese, have a Lebanese director and a Lebanese producer or co-producer
The film must be a full-length feature of more than 70 minutes, fiction or documentary
The film must be finished with a production date between 2017 and 2018 or in finishing, the final stage of the post-production (image locked)
The prize must help the film to be released in cinemas in Lebanon or internationally
The prize will be awarded to the Lebanese producer who must ensure the release in theatres in Lebanon or abroad. It could also aid the film to circulate the film in international festivals
The logo of the Boghossian Foundation, as well as the Fondation Liban Cinema, need to be in the winning film’s end credits
The Boghossian Foundation and the Fondation Liban Cinema will both keep a copy of the winning film for non-commercial usage

Required Documents
A complete financial plan of the distribution
A letter of intent from the director explaining their interest for this prize
A letter of engagement or intent from a distributor or seller
A plan of action and a detailed budget of the $10,000
The film in a vimeo link

The documents, as well as a vimeo link of the film, must be handed in before 13 September 2019 via mail to the Boghossian foundation and the Fondation Liban Cinema:


Applications must be sent via Wetransfer to the following address :

Deadline for applications:
13 September 2019