The Boghossian Foundation prize 2014 – For young Lebanese artists
Year: 2014

Established in 1992, the Boghossian Foundation is committed to support many educational, urbanistic, artistic, and cultural projects in different countries. In Belgium, Boghossian Foundation acquired, in 2006, the famous Villa Empain, gem of Brussels Art Deco architecture, in order to establish its head office and a center for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

After the complete restoration of this edifice classified as a Belgian monuments and sites heritage, Villa Empain opened its doors to the public on April 2010, offering a variety of cultural and artistic activities : exhibitions, concerts, conferences and international meetings, etc. Boghossian Foundation can also host students, artists and scholars-in-residence in Villa Empain.

Since 2012, Boghossian Foundation Prize has reflected the desire to promote and strengthen ties between the East and the West through art.

Boghossian Foundation Prize in Lebanon

This year, Boghossian Foundation will award three prizes for young artists. The prizes cover the fields of design, calligraphy and painting. The creation fields of the following years will be chosen and disclosed in consultation with members of the Boghossian Foundation Jury.


Boghossian Foundation Prize is awarded on the basis of the decisions of a jury composed of leading figures from the artistic world and chaired by Albert Boghossian who shall have the casting vote. The Jury reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of awarded prizes depending on the quality of received applications.

Jury Composition 2014

President : Albert Boghossian

Members :

  • Marc Baroud, Director of Design section at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA);
  • Christophe Dosogne, Artistic Advisor of the Boghossian Foundation and editor of the art magazine Collect;
  • Janine Maamari, collector of modern and contemporary Lebanese art, who has curated several exhibitions devoted to art in the Middle East;
  • Louma Salame, art historian, public relations consultant specializing in communications for museums;
  • Samir Sayegh, calligrapher;
  • Diana Wiegersma, curator, who arranged the exhibition “Music Palace” at the Villa Empain (Brussels, September 2014 – February 2015)

Jury secretariat : Diane Hennebert, Director of Boghossian Foundation, assisted by Clémentine Couplet

Awarded prizes


After due deliberation and unanimously, the members of the jury selected as the winner Chafa Ghaddar. Born in Lebanon in 1986, she studied painting and art frescoes in Florence after earning a Master of Photography and New Media at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) and participated in many workshops in photography. This year, she collaborated with the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone.


Fashion design

After due deliberation and unanimously Nour Hage was designated as the winner.

A Lebanese graduate of the Parson School of Art and Design (Paris) in 2010, she has worked with many renowned designers, including Damir Dorma, Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab. Since 2012, based in Beirut, she created a line under her own name. Her designs are characterized by an intimate style which juxtaposes ancient and contemporary ideas, as well as simple and precious textiles. Between the notions of a conceptual approach, elegance and comfort, Nour Hage is extremely attentive to detail and finishes.



After due deliberation and unanimously, the members of the jury selected Carla Salem as the winner. Born in 1978, Carla Salem lives in Beirut where she specializes in the manufacture of handmade paper inspired by Japanese traditions and general graphics research.  She is currently teaching graphic design at the Lebanese Faculty of Fine Arts and at the American University of Beirut. Her approach is in line with that of the great calligraphers; it reflects legacy through a mastery of ancient techniques in relation to harmonious creations where natural light and materials play a vital role.

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