The Boghossian Foundation prize 2015

Established in 1992, the Boghossian Foundation is committed to support many educational, urbanistic, artistic, and cultural projects in different countries. In Belgium, Boghossian Foundation acquired, in 2006, the famous Villa Empain, gem of Brussels Art Deco architecture, in order to establish its head office and a center for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

After the complete restoration of this edifice classified as a Belgian monuments and sites heritage, Villa Empain opened its doors to the public on April 2010, offering a variety of cultural and artistic activities : exhibitions, concerts, conferences and international meetings, etc. Boghossian Foundation can also host students, artists and scholars-in-residence in Villa Empain.

Since 2012, Boghossian Foundation Prize has reflected the desire to promote and strengthen ties between the East and the West through art.

Boghossian Foundation prize in Lebanon

This year, Boghossian Foundation will award three prizes for young artists between 23 and 40 years old. The prizes cover the fields of design, photography and painting. The creation fields of the following years will be chosen and disclosed in consultation with members of the Boghossian Foundation Jury.


Boghossian Foundation Prize is awarded on the basis of the decisions of a jury composed of leading figures from the artistic world and chaired by Albert Boghossian who shall have the casting vote. The Jury reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of awarded prizes depending on the quality of received applications.

Let us start with a few words on the selection process that resulted in choosing three laureates amongst many entries. This choice proved difficult as for each artistic practice, many candidates drew the attention of the jury and debates ensued… But without hesitation, three artists unanimously unified the members of the jury for of the sheer quality of their work. I am delighted to nominate these artists:

– The 2016 Boghossian Foundation Prize for Painting is awarded to Hala Azzeddine. 26-years old Hala Azzedine graduated from the Lebanese University and has taken part to several group shows in Lebanon. Hala Azzedine stunned the jury with her series of dark portraits of men, women and children. Hala Azzedine obviously casts a very specific eye on our world from which she creates a consistent, impressive pictorial universe. The exploit of the artist is made manifest by the distinctive way in which she handles paint, playing on the gesture, texture, thickness, colours and details. The jury was intent on rewarding and congratulating this remarkable – and remarked – work.

– This year, the 2016 Boghossian Foundation Prize for Design goes to Rami Dallé. As he says so well, Rami Dallé loves “resuscitating a world of memories, curiosities and sensations.” After graduating with honours from the Beirut Lebanese American University, the artist started working for several Lebanese companies. Rami Dallé is intent on telling tales relative to “sense, light, and emotion”. At the tender age of 26, the artist demonstrates a precocious, undeniable talent to create highly complex and intelligently formulated universes. The jury unveiled the young man’s particular taste for the object in each of its heterogeneous forms, everyday objects, shells, toys, textiles, and wool… These materials – each time different – serve as so many supports to create fantasy-filled, prodigious scenes. The jury saluted the extraordinary multiplicity of Rami Dalle’s work and startling, audacious character.

– Finally, the laureate for the 2016 Boghossian Foundation Prize for Photography is Elsy Haddad. After 33-years old Elsy Haddad graduated in photography from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, she took part to many seminars, workshops and group shows in Lebanon, Germany and Jordan. The members of the jury were greatly troubled and seduced by the artist’s photographic series. The very sober work boasts infinitely constructed, narrative, personal compositions. We see many different things in Elsy Haddad’s work, including landscapes, interiors, and characters with the ever-constant presence of poetry and dreams. The jury chose to reward the artist’s particular blend of rigour and fantasy.


Applications should be sent on Cds (2 copies) before October 15th 2015 to the following address:

Boghossian Foundation
B.O. Box 16/6421

Mary Boghossian-Salamé
Tel : 03-977713 / 01-324593

Applications must be accompagnied by :
– A copy of the ID
– A Curriculum Vitae
– A high definition reproduction of the works

Hala Azzeddine, peinture
Hala Azzeddine, peinture
Rami Dallé, design
Rami Dallé, design
Elsy Haddad, Bogota, Photographie
Elsy Haddad, Bogota, Photographie