The Boghossian foundation Prize for young lebanese artists 2012
Year: 2012

Discipline : painting, sculpture and jewellery.

Composition of the jury : Albert Boghossian, President, Sam Bardaouil, Curator, Marie-Claude Beaud, Director of the Nouveau Musée national de Monaco, André Bekhazi, Dean of the Lebanese Fine Arts Academy (ALBA), Gregory Buchakjian, art historian and photographer, Thijs De Meulemeester, contemporary art critic in Belgium, Nedda El-Asmar, Studio Director (Jewellery) at the Antwerp Fine Arts Academy, Nada el Assaad, art advisor and Secretary of the Association for the promotion and exhibition of Lebanese arts (APEAL), Jan Hoet, Curator, Rose Issa, Curator, Janine Maamari, art advisor and curator, Cyrille Najjar, industrial designer, Director of the White sur White agency, professor at Lebanese Fine Arts Academy (ALBA), Dina Nasser-Khadivi, advisor and specialist of Middle-Easter modern and contemporary art, consultant for Christie’s in Dubaï, Diane Hennebert, Director of the Boghossian Foundation and jury secretary.

Laureates 2012 : Tagreed Darghouth and Pascal Hachem.

In the field of jewellery, the jury made the decision to replace the 2012 prize with a workshop (22nd and 26th April) with the aim of stimulating the creativity and diversifying the means of inspiration of young Lebanese jewellers.