The Boghossian Foundation is closed during the installation of the next exhibition Water, which opens on 19 October.

The Meyboom exhibition, organised as part of Brussels Drawing Week, is on view at the Artists’ residency Studio on 6, 7 and 8 October. See you soon!

Louma Salamé

François Van de Velde
Impact and Finance

Caroline Schuermans
Communications Director

Hélène Baucy
Exhibition Manager

Roel Rijssenbeek
HR, Partnerships and Private events

Clio Rosenoer
Mediation Manager

Eda Celiktin
communications officer

Anne-Claire Duperrier
Exhibitions and Residency program

alexandra daelmans

Cathy Van Keer – Boghossian
Shop & Travel Coordinator

Adeline Duym
Welcome desk, book & art shop

Castulo Inagan