Collier – Ana Hagopian


Collier en papier fait à la main. Créé par la designer Ana Hagopian dont l’atelier est situé à Barcelone.

Le papier est très solide, proche du tissu et résistant.

Ce collier en papier original sublimera toutes vos tenues.

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Ana Hagopian
« I play with paper, cutting and sticking to create volumes and shapes. my source of inspiration is nature and its infinite creations, its limitless colours, its surprising textures. paper is contradictory, provocative and humble because it is ephemeral. using it as a material has its roots in the philosophy of arte povera, which restores the value of the idea, intuition, thought and the individual. when i’m creating my works, i unconsciously seek primal contact, the constant wonder of childhood, the magical vision that transforms the prosaic and everyday into something new and marvellous. my process is intuitive, through my hands i come into contact with the material, which guides me towards the final form. »

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Dimensions 30 × 18 cm